Development Teams for your Project

Teams as a service for companies with challenging projects. Name the technology, we provide it.



We provide first-class IT Teams to our clients across Europe

We believe the best results come from an united team that shares the same passions. Nearshore Portugal has a team of + 300 IT highly skilled professionals, holding more than 200 technological and Project Management certifications.


Get matched with a Team with relevant experience

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Team Extension

Ideal for initiatives that require the flexibility to scale up and down resources as needed.

End-to-End Teams

Ideal for initiatives that require end-to-end skills to solve a specific business problem.

Project Development

Ideal for companies in need for a technical partner to develop custom software for a specific project 

why work with us

The best talent, hand-picked just for you.

Take part in the hiring process by personally selecting and interviewing potential candidates. Thus, you can determine whether or not the developers you hire have the required skills and will be able to assimilate into your core team.

Motivated and Invested Developers​

The developers are dedicated to your project full-time – they don’t need to juggle multiple assignments and can focus 100% on your project. As a result, your team members become an integral part of your company, align with your corporate culture and vision, and work towards a shared goal.

Flexibility and Transparency Managing your Resources

You can manage your development team members as you see fit. There will be no intermediaries between you and your developers: you can communicate your requirements straight to them and solve any issues that may emerge along the way.

Transparent and Efficient Payment Model​

With a dedicated team, you agree on a fee that covers the developers’ salary, operational expenses, bonuses, etc., enabling you to plan your budget further in advance.