Flexible Cooperation Models
Tailored to Your Needs

Choose the perfect collaboration model for your software development project.


At Nearshore Portugal, we understand that every software development project is unique, and that’s why we offer two distinct cooperation models to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for seamless team integration or a complete solution, we are ready to help make your project a success.

1. Team Extension Model

Scale Your Team with Precision and Ease

Our Team Extension model enables you to scale your development team with ease, as we provide highly skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate with your existing team. This ensures a unified vision and efficient collaboration, allowing you to scale up or down as your project demands


Adapt your team size based on your project requirements and timeline.

Seamless Integration

Adapt your team size based on your project requirements and timeline.


Adapt your team size based on your project requirements and timeline.

2. Full Teams Model

Comprehensive Solutions from Concept to Completion

Our Full Teams model offers a comprehensive solution for your software development needs. We provide a full team that can help on every aspect of your project. This ensures that you have access to a diverse range of skills and knowledge, streamlining your project management and reducing overhead.


Leverage a diverse range of skills and knowledge within a single team.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Simplify project management and reduce overhead with our unified team.

Make an Informed Decision for Your Project

Comparison Table

  • Team Extension
  • Full Team
Team ExtensionFull Team
ScopeFocused on providing specific skill sets or resources to supplement the client's existing teamInvolve a broader scope of work that can help you on every aspect of your development.
ExpertiseShared with the clientComplete
Ideal forScaling existing teamsDelegating your entire IT team
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Consider your project’s scope, timeline, and resource requirements to determine which model best fits your needs. Team Extension is ideal for scaling your existing team and filling specific skill gaps, while Full Teams are better suited to outsource your whole development team. 

Yes, we can accommodate changes in your project requirements and adjust the cooperation model accordingly. It’s important to communicate any changes early on to ensure a smooth transition.

For both models, we start with understanding your project requirements, followed by selecting and interviewing potential candidates. Once the team members are finalized, they will be integrated into your project according to the chosen model.

We follow a stringent recruitment process, which includes screening candidates based on their technical skills, experience, and cultural fit. You will have the opportunity to interview shortlisted candidates and make the final decision on the team composition.

We emphasize seamless communication by using common collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, Skype, or Zoom. Additionally, we ensure that all team members are proficient in English and share the same working hours as your team for real-time collaboration.

Both cooperation models offer flexibility in scaling the team size. You can discuss your changing requirements with us, and we’ll work together to adjust the team size accordingly, ensuring minimal disruption to your project.


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