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English Speakers 100%
Bachelor/Master Degree 95%
International project experience 100%
Retention Rate 60%
Avg. yrs of industry experience
0 ~


How we match talented professionals to ambitious projects across Europe.


Meeting your project needs and capabilities

Our Business Managers accompany all project
details, according to customers’ requirements
and objectives. From challenges, solutions, and
risks, to deadlines and costs. Customers have by
their side a trusted team, focused on immediate
support with a primary concern: customers’


A hands-on skilled tech recruitment team

With the requirements established by the client our IT Recruitment Team goes through a detailed selecting process centered on in-person interviews to find the ideal candidates for each project. With this, we’re able to provide top professionals that fit your project with the correct knowledge, soft & hard skills.


One step closer to the IT talent you seek

The customer is presented with a short-list of
profiles for each role for the team. After selecting
the best profiles, the customer can explore
further candidates if so required.


Project Starts

Once the hire is finished, the team will be allocated to your project.


Most common FAQ's

With our HQ sited in Lisbon (Parque das Nações), we also have offices located in Oporto, Viseu and Funchal.

Our team extension model can be applied to any company, regardless of size. We focus on providing customers with the best solutions set on meeting project needs and capabilities. More than matching talented professionals to ambitious endeavors, we make sure customers have access to the best people.

A dedicated team is a valuable resource aimed at complementing an in-house team, but not substituting it. We operate a team extension model, an approach focused on filling in the skill gaps of an existing in-house IT team and augmenting its overall potential. An extended team, which comprises of IT professionals with specific skills, becoming part of the company, its culture, and vision with the benefit of being customized and managed as needed by the customer. This provides companies with the versatility of skills, greater project flexibility, support from seasoned talent, long-term collaboration practices, increased efficiency, faster time to market, and significant cost savings.

Our consultants work in Greenwich Mean Time, also used as standard time in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. As Portugal is the most western country in Europe, it experiences a unique advantage as the country benefits from very little time difference from most European countries. This, in turn, allows teams to engage during normal business hours, gain easier integration, experience seamless communications with little cultural and language barriers, and provide clients with quick flights to the Providers HQ.

Through a hands-on approach, our tech recruitment team undergoes a detailed selection process centered on a pool of CV’s and interviews to determine candidate’s capabilities, from know-how, to soft and hard skills. Once a short-list is finalized, customers analyze and become part of the recruitment process to determine if the developers have the experience and knowledge desired as well as the correct profile. Only then will the hire take place and the professionals or team will be allocated to the project.

We like to use Slack or Teams for real-time daily communication and, Skype or Zoom for voice and video conferencing. 

You’re more than welcome! We really appreciate having our clients visiting our office to work side-by-side with their team.


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