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Full-cycle Development Team 


Create a fullstack team

The End-to-End Teams are ideal choice for any organization that wants a team to handle the whole process of full software life cycle. With this solution, business owners and other leaders don’t have to worry about other third-party providers.


David Connor

CTO of A-systems

We’ve been very pleased with our experience working with Nearshore Portugal. Their team was incredibly helpful in helping us find the perfect developers for our team. The work was stellar, the communication was excellent and we couldn’t have been happier with the overall experience. We’re excited to work with Nearshore Portugal for more projects in the future!


Our team will offer support at all stages of your product creation


Our Approach to Development Process

Selections Process

An IT Recruitment team is allocated for each opportunity. From there, we validate the most suitable candidates from a pool of CV’s we gather. Then, we will present a shortlist of profiles for each role for the desired team.

Customer Involvement in Recruitment

The customer can choose the best CV’s for each role. If the customer wishes to see more suitable profiles, we will deliver newer candidates. It ́s expected from the client to handle a second phase of interviews (technical).

Presence in the Recruitment Market

Specialized recruitment team. Currently 9 IT recruiters with an internal Database with over 50.000 Professionals.


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