Scale Your Team with Precision and Ease

With our Team Extension model, you can easily expand your development team. We offer highly qualified professionals who integrate seamlessly into your existing team, promoting a unified vision and efficient collaboration.


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Build your Dedicated Team today

Building a Team with Nearshore Portugal, you’ll gain access to a  comprehensive solution for your software development needs. This ensures that you have access to a diverse range of skills and knowledge, streamlining your project management and reducing overhead.

Motivated and Invested IT Professionals

Your Team is dedicated to your project full-time – they don’t need to juggle multiple assignments and can focus 100% on your project. As a result, your team members become an integral part of your company, align with your corporate culture and vision, and work towards a shared goal.

Flexibility and Transparency Managing your Resources

You can manage your development team members as you see fit. There will be no intermediaries between you and your developers: you can communicate your requirements straight to them and solve any issues that may emerge along the way.

Transparent and Efficient Payment Model​

With a dedicated team, you agree on a fee that covers the developers’ salary, operational expenses, bonuses, etc., enabling you to plan your budget further in advance.