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Cristina Ludwig is a Senior UX/UI Designer at Nearshore Portugal. She was born in Brazil and the world became her home since she started giving the first steps following her passion: Design and different Cultures. She’s adventurous, creative and an avid learner.

From graduating and becoming a designer in São Paulo, she moved to Dubai to work as a Web Design Director and from there, she never stopped. She became a Brand Manager in Bahrein, moved to South Africa where she immersed in the mobile and interaction world, worked as a freelance designer all around the world, and once back in Brazil, she studied Business, UX and Digital to get updated to build her own Startup.

Lisbon as the new tech hub in Europe seemed like a good option for Cristina to restart fresh with her projects, that was when she caught the attention of Nearshore Portugal where she works with a German client and describes the project as “challenging”.

As a member of the Nearshore team, she takes advantage of the Findmore Academy and AgileNow workshops to continue learning and adapting to the constantly changing digital market.

She recognizes the importance of an open spirit, good global experience and sociability as important personal characteristics for someone who wants to work at Nearshore Portugal.

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