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Companies from around the world, regardless of size, are searching for different ways to increase output and accomplish more business. This can be achieved through an outsourcing partner.

Realistically, outsourcing your operation to a provider isn’t difficult. The difficult part is hiring a provider that fits your exact needs, has the correct approach and methodology. With so many details to take into consideration and analyze, your organization’s processes must be handled in the most efficient way. Remember, ensuring the effectiveness of your outsourcing arrangements starts with you.

Make a list

Here’s the scenario: your searching for an outsourcing partner to help you improve different parts of your operation. You find a potential match and explain in what way you need help. However, before approaching your potential outsourcing partner, you must make a detailed list of the operations that you’ll be outsourcing. Not only will this provide you with a clearer perspective of what you will need, as well as a timeline, but it will also ensure a smoother and more efficient manner of communication.


Of course, receiving the finished project you’ve been waiting for or seeing results that show improvement of a specific part of your operation is the end goal. Yet, documentation must also be a top concern. This means, before the wheels start spinning, make sure that every part of the service level agreement is documented. At Nearshore Portugal, we document all stages of the project and provide detailed paperwork that outlines accountability and responsibility, specifying explicitly what will be done.

When outsourcing, focus on Communication

In any business, communication is a must, especially when dealing with an outsourcing partner. That’s why our consultants conduct regular conference calls that range from daily to weekly, depending on the clients’ requirements. Much more than standard practice, frequent calls provide important feedback regarding the ongoing project, as well as a platform where issues, doubts or clarifications are raised. The combination of constant dialogue and straightforward information contributes massively to the success of the project.

Clear Objectives

Communication is a must, and having clear objectives is crucial. You must communicate exactly what you need, such as a description of the professional that fits your project. Remember, an ideal partnership is all about an open and detailed conversation. At Nearshore Portugal we focus on delivering the right support for your project through a wide range of IT services, being web development, UX-UI design, cloud and DevOps, mobile apps, and many more. Thanks to our seasoned consultants, experienced in various technologies, such as React, Ruby, Angular, JavaScript, Python, Html5 and CSS, among others, we make sure that all of our services meet your objectives with the utmost quality.

The Right Help

Choosing the right provider isn’t always easy. As in any service, there must be plenty of research, filtering the different outsourcers in the market. Partnering with a company that specializes in exactly what you need can be a make or break decision. Remember, the goal is a company that matches your requirements and overall goals. Resist the urge to hire the first provider you contact. Research the players and run from those that only give half-certainties. How can you tell if you’re talking to the real deal? It’s as simple as scheduling a meeting. So if you have time, we would love to talk to you!

Preparation is the name of the game and finding a company experienced and key areas are essential. This is an opportunity to grow your business exponentially by avoiding common mistakes while having the support of a seasoned outsourcing company such as Nearshore Portugal!

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