Outsourcing Projects: How to Achieve Innovation

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Outsourcing projects have become a common step for many companies. As a result, the tech industry has seen a huge amount of growth in such a manner that it became the go-to method of how large organizations develop their business. As the IT outsourcing services expand, so does the need for advancements. For those that yearn for more, promoting innovation within the business is a must.

When the matter is developing software through specialized tech talent, although technological innovations can increase efficiency, when it comes to improving clients’ relationships and boosting the time to market, outsourcing providers must understand that innovation can only be developed through a strong structure. What serves as the base for such transformation is none other than a great work environment and plenty of range for research and testing.

First things first: Transparency and Dialogue.

When working with an outsourcing partner, it is the client’s responsibility to give the partner and the remote team with the necessary freedom for new ideas and methods that will ultimately generate new processes and enhance innovation. Although in-person meetings are important, especially as projects kickoff, a true and optimized partnership only happens when all sides have a voice and space to speak up: The client, the partner, and the tech talent.

Ensuring there is a clear and open dialogue promotes a culture of openness that further supports innovation. Thus, it’s important to engage with a partner with a committed team. Someone you trust to make you aware of all demands so that your product goes above and beyond.

Feedback is key when outsourcing projects

In any business relationship or working environment, for that matter, constant communication is critical. This is especially true in software development cycles. Even more so in a DevOps or an agile element where a system of feedback connecting all teams must be in place. From testing and QA to operations and so-on. Innovation comes in many ways, and regular feedback on all aspects of your operation must be a top priority.

Entering in a business relationship with a software development outsourcing partner, such as Nearshore Portugal, it’s important to work closely together. That’s why we ensure a culture of progressive innovation by maintaining constant channels of communication with a close work methodology to constantly learn from our experiments together.

Explore and learn, together

Once partnering with an outsourcing provider, both sides have responsibilities. The provider, in supplying seasoned talent according to your requirements, as well as maintaining oversight on performance and overall project stability, as well as clients’ potential concerns and future needs. As the client, it is your prerogative to manage your outsourcing teams as you see fit, moving each resource to the part of the operation where it’s most needed. However, it’s also important to explore and learn together. Motivate your in-house team and remote team to explore different paths, tools, work methodologies, and technologies together. Even with a possibility of mistakes. After all, is all about testing.

A testing environment allows both teams to uncover different ways to add value while maintaining high levels of motivation. This, in turn, will show you trust in both your teams to explore what could be better methods.

Outsourcing Projects: Steps you should take

When outsourcing projects to a provider, climbing the innovation ladder must be done considering potential vendors, their capabilities, and proven track record. If you want to ensure you truly achieve the environment you seek, aligned with your business, you need the right partner, and become what steps you should take.

What can the provider deliver?

Research what type of approach can be expected and what will be the impact of your potential provider in your project. How is the recruitment process? What are the different technologies available or what guarantees can they make? These are important questions.

Assess the providers capability when outsourcing projects.

Right from the start, it’s important to consider and analyze their work methodology, experience, and services. Will you have constant support, communication, and a custom team, or will you manage it all by yourself?

Create together a contract for innovation

After choosing your partner, it’s important to include performance targets and, as a plus, possible compensations for added advancements in the future. This is a great way for both parties to commit to the max.

Measure performance

The only way to get a clear picture of your operation and your project’s growth lies in performance measurement. In other words, make sure your partner displays concern regarding the team’s performance and overall health of the operation. Although analyzing KPIs and general results are important, the human factor is equally crucial. Get to know what measurements are done apart from technical ones.

At the end of the day, growth is more than just numbers. Although it’s essential to determine objectives and a strategic approach to new advancements, it’s equally important to guarantee your partner with a provider with key capabilities associated with innovation: Nearshore Portugal!

If you’re searching for an IT outsourcing provider for your project, get to know all our services!

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