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Whether it’s a remote interview or face-to-face, one thing is certain: preparation is a must!

When it comes to a remote interview, let’s be honest. The comfort of home or a familiar environment provides a relaxed state, eliminating that nervous or anxious commotion. Yet, it can also cause you to let your guard down. Imagine you receive an unexpected phone call from a hiring manager saying that they like your resume and see plenty of potential in you. All good so far!

However, because of the busy schedule, the hiring manager asks you if you’re available for an interview in 30 minutes. Although an uncommon request, flash interviews are not unheard-of. Of course, you could ask to reschedule but your enthusiasm got the better of you and you said “yes!”. Now everything’s changed: you have 30 minutes to prep for a great opportunity but you’re all over the place. The solution to such a problem if it ever comes up is all about preparing beforehand for such an event.

We put together a list that is sure to help you if needed with your next remote interview in under 30 minutes!

Read Up!

Reading up on the company you applied is key. In the midst of what just happened and even more so with only 30 minutes to prepare, it’s normal that little comes to mind about the company. After all, you possibly sent several other resumes to similar job postings. Don’t worry, in the next 10 minutes you can read up on plenty of things. First, read once more the job posting and take note of what grabbed your attention in the first place.

For example, if it makes references to ”Experience in Javascript” it’s important to take note and point out different projects you’ve been involved with. Also, check the about us and press page. Search the most used social media platforms, and check for the latest posts for events and news. You can also take a quick look at their blog. Of course, you don’t have the time to read each article so simply go through the headlines to get an idea of what the company as a business and brand is all about.

Have Your Questions Ready

In the same way that the interview is the perfect platform for the interviewer to know more about you, it’s also a great chance for you to learn more about the company and more about the job position. With that in mind, it’s important to have a list of key questions to ask. This will, at the same time, show the interviewer that you’re engaged and interested. For example, you can start by asking why is the company in need of an experient Javascript employee, what kind of benefits are there too, how is the onboarding process, its length, and what kind of project is it. It’s equally important to task about what kind of support can you expect.

Test Your Computer Before the Remote Interview

This might seem like a no brainer but with just 30 minutes to get ready for the big opportunity, there are plenty of things that can get overlooked. For a remote interview, few things are as annoying as a malfunctioning computer, faulty connection, or a computer crash. Ensure your setup is good. Before the interview, take a few minutes to download, and to go through a quick tutorial of the platform used for the interview, it can be Google Hangouts or Skype, among others. Make sure you have headphones or you might risk interference due to eco. Lastly, always have a plan B, in other words, your smartphone. In case your computer decides not to cooperate, your phone can do the trick!


At Nearshore Portugal, we practice Flex Work. The traditional 9-to-6 office schedule is becoming outdated. Providing employees with flexible work hours can accommodate all needs: For the client, the employee and the business. Working with your team at the office has various advantages, one of them being immediate support. Sometimes when help is needed, a team member next to you makes all the difference. Despite that, Flex Work isn’t just about the hours spent at the office, it can also be about adjusting those hours to one’s needs.

Our daily lives don’t always follow a schedule and, commonly, situations arise that demand our immediate attention. We get that and understand that there’s more to life than just work. What can you expect from us? Work-life balance. Need to work remotely for a few days? All good. Just stepped out from your daily stand-up but something came-up and you need to go home? No problem at all, just let your team know. If the issue is changing your work hours to what fits you best, go ahead and discuss it with your manager to work out a solution. Regardless of the reasons, we know that people are more than assets and providing flexibility in the workplace, gives way to a happier and healthier work environment

By applying our five tips above, you’ll be able to take on any interview even if you’re rushed for time. At the end of the day, the simplest bits of advice remains the most important: readiness and confidence will go a long way!

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