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How can our team extension model support your in-house IT? This is what you need to know!

When it comes to adding specific tech talent to your existing in-house IT team, the team extension model has become the first choice for my companies. However, some companies choose a “Do It Yourself”. An approach that can become costly since the talent they seek, in general cases, has specific skills. In other words, it takes time and effort to find these people. A process that can become costly, even more, if the company doesn’t have a dedicated team of tech recruiters.

So, what can you do if you need to add new people to your existing team of developers but you don’t want to deal with the extensive hiring process? Nearshore Portugal is the answer!

As a leading company offering Nearshore development services, we focus on finding the right fit for your business. To achieve this, we’ve developed a successful approach, a business model for companies of all sizes. Nearshore Portugal, as a Nearshore software outsourcing provider, operates a team extension model. Considered one of the most reliable and convenient models when you already have developers in your in-house team.

What is the Team Extension Model?

When planning to work with a Nearshore outsourcing provider, such as Nearshore Portugal, the team extension model is a great way to operate in a more direct and tight business partnership as it enhances productivity and improves communication. In essence, a team extension model focuses on augmenting your in-house IT staff with experienced and specialized developers that fill the skills gap in your team, providing you with greater control over the project.

Once you have at your disposal the desired talent, approved in advance by you through an involvement in the recruitment process, you gain operational control. In other words, the developers become your resources to manage by you, with our support. Although a paid service provided by us, they become part of your company, its culture, methodologies, practices and vision.

At Nearshore Portugal, we optimize this model by creating teams with outstanding tech talent. Developed with the desired know-how and experience needed to surpass challenges, improving your time to market. Through our model based on constant support, advice, and transparency established on open and direct communication, we have become partners of international brands in the forefront of their fields.

Key advantages of the Team Extension Model

Among the benefits mentioned above, by blending your need for seasoned professionals with the talent pool of Nearshore Portugal, not only will you gain a competitive edge over the competition, but will at the same time acquire several other advantages:

  • Allocate responsibilities and tasks as you see fit to enhance team effectiveness;
  • Scale your team as needed, with the possibility of additional resources being provided at short notice;
  • Members of the extended team work closely with your in-house staff. This enhances the building of your product with the same commitment, while teams share the same responsibilities;
  • You define the direction, resources, and schedule;
  • Experience faster time to market;
  • Gain greater transparency and efficient communication among teams by eliminating the middleman;
  • The remote development team will have access to the latest equipment, working from a modern office;

By working with a partner such as Nearshore Portugal with a developed team extension model, you’ll achieve greater speed, productivity and reliability. While at the same time, removing any straining from your internal team of developers.  When it comes to software outsourcing, it all comes down to an experienced Nearshore provider with the right track-record.

So if you’re looking to scale your team in the most efficient way, we would love to hear from you and discuss your project needs via skype!

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