Tips to build an effective Agile Team

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An agile team is a cross-functional group, usually between five and ten people that define, that build and test elements of a software product.

Agile is supposed to be different and ever-changing depending on each team and its circumstances. To start building one, you need to get support from the management team by showing a plan to reach. Then, there are some strategies you can adopt in order to create an awesome team. In this article, we’ll point out some tips to build an effective Agile Team.

Be patient
An efficient agile team is not always consistent. Things don’t always work out right at the first try and team members need to get used to a specific workflow and the group dynamic. This process might take some time, s you need to be patient to overcome workflow obstacles.

Good communication
The way to know if an agile team is on the right track is with a good communication system. Agile teams organize themselves to present their software to customers, so they can collect feedback as soon as possible and apply it to their work. Agile teams adopt a philosophy of transparency and view obstacles as opportunities to continuously learn and ultimately improve.

Be open to change
Change it’s just around the corner. It can happen anytime, mostly in agile teams. Although agile teams rely on plans and organization, they need to have the ability to respond to change.

Focus on results
Instead of obsessing over processes and procedures, agile takes emphasis on the results and outcomes.

Give voice to every team member
The concept of a team has to be taken seriously: everyone is accountable for the final product. Identify the goals of the team and adjust your goals to it. Stay realistic: the bigger the goal the more risks you take when it comes to reaching it.

There isn’t a perfect formula for a perfect agile team.
Either you implement scrum or decide for Kanban, invest in building an independent team able to adapt quickly to changes and work well as a group.

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