Staff Augmentation: Top 5 Benefits!

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Recruitment is constant and staff augmentation is the most recent and beneficial approach developed for big and small companies.

More than ever, IT companies from around the world search for highly qualified talent with specific skills. However, there are several companies that, due to the nature of their projects, experience a more seasonal need and unlike the traditional staffing methods, staff augmentation can provide the needed results very quickly. Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing service where a company provides its engineers in the form of external hire. In essence, it comprises of a temporary addition of usually one person with expert knowledge to the existing workforce. So how can these new joiner’s benefit businesses?

More talent equals more support

At one point or another, most projects come to a temporary block. In some cases, it’s due to the lack of specific skills within the team. One of the major benefits of staff augmentation is that it provides the team with the needed experience and specific skills to surpass the delay and overcome the time-consuming gap. There’s no denying that hiring an experienced professional has its benefits, but the long-term costs can be extremely high. Staff augmentation allows companies to hire top-level professionals with high skills that would be unfeasible to keep in a long-term situation.

Access to new ideas with staff augmentation

Having a fixed staff has its advantages but it can also have its drawbacks. Exclusive permanent staff can result in the inaction of ideas, opinions, and overall innovation. The goal for any organization is to meet targets, increase revenue, and become more and more profitable. That, in turn, demands a higher level of engagement from staffers and that is what staff augmentation can provide. Professionals that are accustomed to deal with different projects, as well as multiple ways of approaching new challenges, operate with a mindset set on new ideas and optimization. This means that project-specific hiring enables companies the ability to develop new ideas that will drive their operations.


Flexible hiring can be extremely beneficial. By choosing the staff augmentation method, companies that are looking to expand their operation have the advantage of doing so without investing in a permanent workforce. In addition, such flexible hiring allows companies to adapt to common and rapid market changes. In other words, it allows businesses to quickly scale and react to changing circumstances, taking advantage of this specific workforce. Ultimately, it provides the means for a quick response

Reducing costs

This type of staffing method provides companies with the upside of hiring the best services and solutions the market has to offer with no long-term commitment. Thus, paying for talent only during the requisite period. Plus, businesses don’t need to concern themselves with benefits or insurance since it’s the outsourcer that deals with such matters.

Project deadlines

Deadlines are important for any project since failure to deliver on the agreed date can have massive consequences. Yet, when it comes to the IT industry, deadlines seem to be even more stressful. However, with the introduction of staff augmentation, a company can simply hire the right short-term staff. This can be very beneficial since it allows candidates to be hired in very little time and to help provide support to complete projects on the projected period.

Ultimately, the staff augmentation approach provides not just responsiveness for companies but also a way to deliver ongoing projects with the support of highly skilled professionals while removing the costs and obligations of hiring full-time employees. Thus, providing a cost-effective investment and viable IT solutions during different development phases.

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