Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

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Even in the midst of an atypical year covered by news of uncertainty due to a global pandemic, the tech industry continues at full speed ahead, with good reason. Despite the adjustments, the coming times are exciting ones for tech, especially for mobile app development. Technology has changed the way we shop, work, communicate, and live and mobile apps are at the center of this change. The past years have seen a major evolution and shift in the software development industry and when it comes to mobile app development, 2021 will surely be a game-changer.

Which such rapid development taking place, it’s important to keep track of the upcoming changes and tech growth. What should you be on the lookout? Our latest articles lets you know!

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The increase for VR and AR applications has seen steady growth and its projected that this expansion will only continue due to its many advantages in cross-industries such as retail, healthcare, education, logistics, and especially, travel/tourism. Currently, with the global health crisis that halted travels across the globe, explorers started to look for alternatives that, although can’t compare to the actual nomadic experience, can deliver quick travels in minutes anywhere in the world. Which such a growing trend, AR is becoming the next big thing that companies are investing in how users interact with the real world through their mobile devices. Plus, VR with its immersive capabilities is taking the tech world by storm.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

According to Gartner, the cloud services market revenue grew by 17% in 2020 to $266.4 billion when compared to 2019 with $227.8 billion in revenue. With cloud-enhanced solutions and new platforms that can deliver businesses with greater capabilities, cloud solutions are much more than a trend. Focused on flexibility and scalability, this technology can be used in the mobile application. Thanks to its compatibility and time-reduction in app development, it results in faster time to market and these are just some of its advantages. How can your business benefit from Cloud-based Mobile Apps? Get to know Out.Cloud, a leading cloud consulting and management team!

The Wonders of Artificial Intelligence

The improvements and market applications in AI are non-stop. More than new capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning will take mobile app development to a whole new level. Its integration with mobile apps will increase user engagement, faster responses, and quicker task execution thanks to automation, resulting in a better experience and more money saved by businesses. This is especially beneficial for companies with a steady flow of online customers who can rely on Chabot’s for faster client support and perhaps, not so far into the future, emotion recognition. Mobile software that will allow reading emotions from the humane face, as well as audio, from micro-speech to voice tones, determining user’s satisfaction, among many.

Internet of Things

The IoT provides useful and beneficial technology for several industries, from logistics to e-commerce, and many more. With device IoT-compatibility growing, companies will increase their search and ways to integrate them with new features on Android Applications. A great example of this is smart home tech that allows the users, through a mobile app, to use and adjust remotely all manner of home features, such as the lights, thermostat, lock, and security systems. With the growing number of mobile devices, there will be no shortage of multiple opportunities for IoT technology.

Instant Mobile Apps

What if your target audience could have the possibility to experience your app before deciding to download it? Aimed at convincing users to install the full app, instant mobile apps serve as demos, enabling users to use part of a native application without installing it on their device. This approach allows companies to get immediate feedback, increase their social sharing while gaining more exposure and for the user, it provides a window without having to compromise space in their device’s internal memory.

In the current digital landscape, mobile apps are, more than ever, an integrated part of our lives’ which demand greater sophistication. Knowing what to expect in the following years is more than keeping track of the future of tech. The goal is to expand its capabilities, and consequently, in the way we experience the combination of life and technology.

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