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Nearshore development can provide multiple advantages to organizations. Among its many benefits, one stands out: time zone difference.

Nearshore outsourcing delivers companies with greater performance, faster growth, and a higher response when it comes to time to market. All of this is achievable through specialized talent, and at Nearshore Portugal, as a nearshore development provider, we know all about that. Among the many advantages, the benefits of a similar time zone difference are undoubtedly one of the most well-known assets.

So, is there really that much of a difference in developing projects with a time zone difference?

Agility At Its Best

The Agile methodology plays a crucial role in nearshoring, revolutionizing a company’s efficiency and overall output. With Agile development, developers must work closely together. This means, collaboration with cross-functional teams to continually grasp new knowledge with constant communication. This approach is all about turning the collaboration knob to 11. Making sure there is constant information and feedback between the team and the customer.

Here’s a typical scenario: Imagine you have a team on the other side of the globe, both parties arrange a specific time for a meeting to discuss the project, it’s evolution, and issues. Meetings done, everyone goes home, and the developer from your provider realizes there’s a high probability of disaster concerning a deployment that wasn’t discussed in the meeting. Instinctively, this must be discussed ASAP. Urgent matters of this sort can’t be delayed. Otherwise, the whole process of communication becomes inefficient, and there’s a name for it: Offshoring.

With Agile development, constant communication prevents such situations. Allowing the customer to be well aware of any potential problems, progress, and decisions making needs on the minute. Practically speaking, there’s no beating the efficiency that nearshoring can provide when comparing to the offshore way. 

Nearshore Development More Relevant Than Ever

Organizations worldwide are working at full-speed, preparing for the future economic struggles created by COVID-19. More than ever, companies need to balance their software development projects output, and nearshoring is the solution. According to a study by Statista, 39% of surveyed CIOs and IT executives worldwide expect a decline in their IT budget for 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, 21% expect their IT budget in 2020 to increase, while 40% forecast no change in the IT budget.

These projections force companies to look at their current situation and evaluate what type of outsourcing solution is ideal. Yes, offshoring can be less expensive but will compromise cost-effectiveness in your teams, collaboration, time to market, and potentially increase delays. On the other hand, nearshoring become less costly over time, has competitive rates, provides expert developers experienced in an agile approach, delivering greater performance with one key advantage: a similar time zone. This means a much larger communication window, proximity, reduced expenses, and quicker travels when you decide to visit your providers HQ

Quality Regardless Of Location

Nearshore development companies have top-class developers and engineers with competitive rates as the ones offered by offshoring companies. With over 10 years of experience and 400 IT professionals, Nearshore Portugal provides customers with seasoned and expert professionals in multiple technologies, experienced in nearshore projects across Europe. Furthermore, Nearshore teams have little cultural barriers. What makes these experts so efficient and adaptable is precisely their different backgrounds. This drives better problem solving, increased creativity, innovation, and new solutions. As a result, building optimal software becomes quicker and less troublesome.

This level of innovation and adaptability are essential trades. Especially in current times where businesses worldwide need resilient, yet flexible and focused professionals to deliver results even with unpredictable lockdowns. With remote working common with nearshore developers, an adjustment comes easier as developers are used to remote meetings with a flex-work approach. This is turn, enables these talented individuals to optimize their environment and workflow to the max.

More than ever, ensuring your business is as agile as possible is key. With leading talent and an experienced provider, organizations can guarantee they project continuity with access to specialized developers.

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